Dear Mr. Vig, After 30 days of religiously following your methods, I have this awesome transformation in speaking. Now I'm having fun with it!”

Nelson R.





 "Although I spent lots of time and money on language courses in the past, including the British Council, I still wasn’t confident. Now, thanks to Mr. Vig’s unique approach, I’m not nervous when I speak and I’m starting a new career where I’ll need a high level of English."

His Excellency Karel Urban

The Czech Ambassador of Montenegro





"I am able to read books. I am able to watch Netflix shows and news channels. Not only this, now I am able to communicate with anyone round the world, and I can improve my business. It has taken my confidence to a new level. From the day I joined, my life changed completely."

Aditya K.



"I'm so pleasantly surprised by my progress, that I don't know what could I say. The most important thing for me is that I found out a new many different and amazing way of learning English and I like it. It's fun, untraditional and it works. I have new habits that make me feel confident and disciplined about learning."

Hubavina Iapadjieva

Sofia, Bulgaria


"Hey Mr. Vig, Thank you! The method is working! So, this is perfect idea how to learn a language. I am glad to know you.”

Simona Blajan

Constanta, Romania


Marina A.




Igor N.

Republic of Macedonia

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine   



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I didn't know I could learn English this way. It sounded revolutionary. 

Pavel Mika

business owner


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  • You stand taller. Your head is high. Your shoulders are back. 
  • You're not afraid. You accept bigger challenges. 
  • Winning feels natural.
  • You enjoy conversation and even forget you’re speaking a foreign language.
  • The people in your life give you more respect - your colleagues... your boss... your clients... your family... your friends... even the receptionist at the hotel when you travel abroad.
  • You are the English expert in your family. When a foreign waiter comes to your table, when your children have a question about their homework, they all look to you for help.